iReport 3.5.3 released!

Monday, August 10, 2009

iReport NB Release 3.5.3
August 3, 2009
The iReport Team is pleased to announce the new iReport release: 3.5.3.
iReport is available as standalone application and as NetBeans plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.x. This version includes several improvements and bug fixes.

New features and changes:
- Updated to JasperReports 3.5.3
- Improved expression editor
- Automatic compilation of subreports
- Support for XML, XHTML and DOCX exporters
- New template wizard with many new templates
- Autodetection of viewer applications
- Several bug fixes


iReport plugin for NetBeans

Complete changelog
- Modified ireport.exe to fix a problem when missing the user app data registry key
- Feature Req 0000941: iReport should compile automatically all referenced sub reports
- Feature Req 0004151: Support for the XHTML Exporter of JasperReports
- Feature Req 0004147: Support for the .docx exporter of JasperReports
- Feature Req 0000942: Add XML Preview in iReports
- Feature Req 0003596: dialog to edit file
- Fixed bug 0003671: Under Linux Acrobat cannot find preview pdf
- Fixed bug 0004061: IReport supplies (OLD) JDBC Drivers that can't be replaced without building
- Fixed bug 0004119: Cancel Meter Intervals Dialog removes All Intervals
- Fixed bug 0004019: java.sql.Timestamp parameter contains wrong value
- Fixed bug 0004021: iReport 3.5.2 compatibility save removes group footers
- Fixed bug 0004121: default value of runToBottom property misrepresented in checkbox
- Fixed bug 0004142: Report designer has no fields on a CSV source
- Fixed bug 0004017: Bad encoding of characters with accents in JRXML
- Fixed bug 0004104: HQLFieldsReader deals incorrectly with fields of primitive types
- Fixed bug 0004078: iReport 3.5.1 or 3.5.2 freeze when trying to add multiple list components to a Frame
- Improved expression editor
- Fixed bug 14693 applying a style corrupts jrxml
- Fixed bug 14817 Cannot create simple report
- Fixed bug 14906 - CSV data source does not handle row separators as expected
- Fixed bug renaming conditional styles
- Added support for Ignore Width property for crosstabs
- Added support for Label Item for Pie and Bar charts
- Automatic opening of output files using OS features (for Win32 and MacOS)
- Added edit with external text editor menu item
- iReport is set as default txt, csv and xml viewer if a viewer application is not set in the properties
- iReport tries now to automatically detect the system browser for HTML preview
- Added new templates
- Added a button to save a page as png (for template thumbnail porpuses) in the preview toolbar
- Improved template wizard with ability to read jrxml properties to drive the template generation
- New template chooser with integrated wizard
- Fixed bug 14622 - [Case #8466] The separators setting for the CSV datasource is not retained after iReport is restarted
- Fixed bug 14505 - Ship Vertica JDBC driver with iReport Pro
- Fixed bug 15001 - [Case #9242] crosstab measure expression class incorrectly set in iReport
- Fixed bug 14815 - [Case #9134] iR 3.5.2 - Compatibility Mode changes only after saving the report
- Fixed bug 14616 - Property "Legend font" should be "Legend Font"
- Fixed bug 14602 - [case #8859] Report Wizard does not suggest default Datasource


iReport 3.5.3 released!, Giulio, Accessed on 10th August 2009


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