About iReport NB Release

Monday, December 15, 2008

iReport is the most popular visual reporting tool for JasperReports (Java reporting library) and JasperServer (reporting server). You can manage charts, images, subreports, etc. Data sources: JDBC, TableModels, JavaBeans, XML, Hibernate, CSV etc. Output.[1]

The iReport Team is pleased to announce the new iReport release: NB 3.1.3.
iReport is available as standalone application (based on the NetBeans RCP) and as NetBeans plugin for NetBeans IDE 6.0, 6.1 and 6.5. This version includes several improvements and bug fixes.

New features
New features and changes:

* Support for Exporter parameters
* Dynamic classpath
* Improved support for custom components
* Fixed several Mac OS related bugs
* Support for dataset groups
* Updated to JasperReports 3.1.3
* Ability to add an element to a frame just dragging the element into it
* Several bug fixes

Download iReport (standalone version based on the NetBeans RCP)
Download the iReport plugin for NetBeans
The plugin is available on the NetBeans plugin center and on SourceForge

Coming features
There are a set of features that will be implemented in the next releases.

* Jrtx files
* Chart wizard
* Java project classpath integration (plugin for NetBeans IDE only)
* Scriptlet wizard (plugin for NetBeans IDE only)

Completed changelog
- Fixed a problem with the subreport parameters
- Improved support for custom components
- Fixed "Import..." and "Export..." button in the editor dialog
- Fixed some MacOS related bugs
- Fixed crosstab buttons
- New feature to reorder groups
- Support for dataset groups
- Configurable options for exporters
- New reloadable option for classpath paths
- Ability to add an element to a frame just dragging the element into it
- Fixed element z-ordering and z-order display
- Added scrollbars to the query text area.
- Replaced filter expression dialog.
- Fixed Import/export expression feature
- Fixed textfield pattern dialog
- Fixed Field Sorting
- Fixed Crosstab Preorder checkbox [2]


1. http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=64348 , Accessed On 15 December 2008
2. http://jasperforge.org/website/ireportwebsite/IR%20Website/nb-3.1.3.html?group_id=243&header=project&leftnav=yes&target=ireport Accessed On 13 February 2009